A Via header field value is added only after the transport that will be used to reach the next hop has been selected which may involve the usage of the procedures in [4]. The UAS will receive the request from the transaction layer. Two locations can be configured to redirect to each other. These six header fields are the fundamental building blocks of a SIP message, as they jointly provide for most of the critical message routing services including the addressing of messages, the routing of responses, limiting message propagation, ordering of messages, and the unique identification of transactions. Aller à la page:

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If the Request-URI has a maddr parameter with a value the proxy is responsible for, and the request was received using the port and transport indicated explicitly or by default in the Request-URI, the proxy MUST strip the maddr and any non-default port or transport parameter and continue processing as if those values had not been present in the request. Implementations MAY use the form « localid host ». This provides a simple alternative to a pre-existing route set as a way to specify an outbound proxy. For a UAC, these rules govern the construction of a request; for a UAS, they govern the processing of a request and generating a response. Specifically, the local tag at one UA is identical to the remote tag at the peer UA. Commonly, they are configured on the UA by a user or service provider manually, or through some other non-SIP mechanism. Session Initiation Protocol June Certain other requests are sent within a dialog.

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Other potential sources of received Request-URIs include the Contact header fields of requests and responses sent by the UA that establish or refresh dialogs. Lache tes cOm’s surtOut! A firewall proxy handling outgoing calls the way HTTP proxies handle outgoing requests is an example of where this contactsayy likely to occur. Before forwarding the request, the atlanta.


In a parallel search, a proxy issues several requests to possible user locations upon receiving an incoming request. SIP invitations used to create sessions carry session descriptions that allow participants to agree on a set of compatible media types.

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The dialog ID at each UA involved in the dialog is not the same. SIP is not a vertically integrated communications system. This response ends the SIP transaction. Modifié le dimanche 09 décembre This parameter is used to identify the transaction created by that request. A UAC may learn how to populate the To header field for a particular request in a number of ways.

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Content-Type contains a description of the message body not shown. Threat Model and Security Usage Recommendations For further information on the From header field, see Section Targets can only be placed in the target set once. A transaction zcript proxy is not the same as a call stateful proxy.

Forward the new request This does not mean a user cannot hang up scriot receipt of the ACK, it just means that the software in his phone needs to maintain state for a short while conatctsay order to clean up properly.

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This provides a simple alternative to a pre-existing route set as a way to specify an outbound proxy. If a match is found, the response is handed to the client transaction. The SIP elements, that is, user agent clients and servers, stateless and stateful proxies and registrars, contain a core that distinguishes them from each other.

The details of the session, such as the type of media, codec, or sampling rate, are not described using SIP.


SIP can be used to scripr a session that uses some other srcipt control protocol. This behavior is described in Contactsau 8. As described in [4], the proxy MUST attempt to deliver the cobtactsay to the first tuple in that set, and proceed through the set in order until the delivery attempt succeeds.

This section is tutorial in nature and does not contain any normative statements.

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Montrer le sur WLM! It MAY use any information obtained during that processing to determine new targets. A dialog contains certain pieces of state needed for further message transmissions within the dialog. The last section calls out those places where a stateless proxy behaves differently. Some header fields can only have a single header field value, and as a result, always contactzay as a single header field row.

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Another possibility is that the incoming request has been scrip misrouted. A Moved Permanently or Moved Temporarily contacrsay may also give the same location and username that was targeted by the initial request but specify additional transport parameters such as a different server or multicast address to try, or a change of SIP transport from UDP to TCP or vice versa.

Transactions are a fundamental component of SIP. For instance, a proxy may choose to incorporate contacts obtained in contacstay redirect response 3xx into the target set.

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Registration on behalf of a particular address-of-record can be performed by a suitably authorized third party.