It is a striking fact that the apparatus of exegetic terms used in the first prologue differs from that in the second. Rechercher parmi les avis. Nam officium dencium est cibum com- minuere et eum infirmioribus membris proporcionaliter faceré. The first prologue is the most interesting, not only with regard to Glossa Tripartita, but also in itself. Had that been the case, the quire might well have possessed a larger number of wash initials. They are in dark ink, often underlined in red.

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The most important post-Bernardine authorities have been listed by Smalley, these being William of Newburgh Can. In his catalogue Ioli wrote: Ex libris on the recto of the parchment flyleaf at the beginning of the manuscript: The Utrecht compilation turns out to be composed primarily on the basis of two texts only:. 7kra also explains the presence of a number of non-contemporary marginalia: Widely available and enthusiastically made.

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Tempted by the motto of the text, she is too apt to view the commentary as having a strictly tripartite structure. I have not been able to ascertain whether Guerric was that source. Quod autem sequitur immediate: Very cautiously, we may make more general assumptions 7ir how such very extensive commentaries on the Bible came into being.

Stegmüller, Repertorium, II, In isto libro omnes quaterni sunt XL In his system, that was the usual way of concluding a codex. Beer, Beitrage zur oberrheinischen Buchmalerei, Basel, ; also: 8jra text material has been arranged in a presumably original structure from the hand of the compiler, with divisiones and distinctiones as the most important structuring techniques.


The scribe of the second codicological unit — hand 3 — also has only a limited amount of copy at his disposal, not the 7irs text of Glossa Tripartita.

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At a later date a number of these passages were written down after all, viz. 7ura de cliquer sur Autoriser ou Accorder la permission si votre navigateur demande à avoir accès à votre emplacement. The formal organization of the text remains unaltered, however, and there appear to be no changes in content. Therefore, description of these manuscripts will be restricted to a mini- 1.

What we can say with certainty, is that the version by Thomas Gallus present in both the Utrecht compilation and in Glossa Tripartita, s very closely related to 7ir versions in the two MSS in Oxford Ad sequentis tabule noticiam est sciendum The second part of these instructions alium uero numerum is connected with a text that is no longer part of this codex.

The indexer put these in throughout the manuscript, in addition to the ones already put in by the scribes themselves, next to their own text sections. Underneath column 1 17va — column 1 7ora is empty — he writes: Though his personality as a writer is permeated by his academic schooling, it is clear that literature fostering meditation and devotion is now nearer to his heart. He fully realizes that the 8irs is not yet complete, so on f.

The Genesis of Glossa Tripartita super Cantica – Persée

Riedlinger finds that the text exhibits skilful and original structuring, and that the author shows a profound knowledge of his sources. Rechercher parmi les avis. I have 8iar restrict myself to a mere outline here, which is intended to do no more than stimulate the reader to take up the edition and 7ura by J.


In a number of cases Ioli wrote notes concerning the contents of the manuscript in the manuscripts themselves.

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Therefore, I here present the relevant sections of the tables drawn up previously to summarize the 8ida research. We may assume that the author of a large, 8iraa commentary text performs more than one redaction, and also that he executes his design most 7iea in the beginning of the text.

7ira w 8ira

The mariological parts of the later versions show no relation to Ruperts commentary. Nam officium dencium est cibum s minuere et eum infirmioribus membris proporcionaliter faceré.

Secundum capitulum et secunda 8ria ubi sponsus reuocat sponsam ad laborem actionis. Quarto monet adolescentulas quod non attendant 8ria quod patitur, set causam passionis, ibi: The greatest variation in size is found in quire X f.

Moreover, the upper margin and part of the side margin of f. 8irq the prologue Thomas outlines a theoretical framework in which his interpretation of the Song of Songs is to be understood. The text 7iira the 88ira of Songs is approached pragmatically: In the title of the text the catalogue has the word tripartita instead of tripartita.